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Choose The Right Tennis Necklace For You

A lot of fine jewelry enthusiasts love the simple, elegant look of a tennis bracelet. This is a piece of jewelry that you can wear for all sorts of occasions and has a timeless design. It's not, however, the only type of jewelry with tennis in its name. Another type of fine jewelry that you'll encounter at many stores is a tennis necklace. It has a lot of visual similarities to a tennis bracelet — the primary difference is that the former is longer than the latter. There are many different tennis necklaces on the market, so you can make these choices to find the right one for you.


The most visible trait of a tennis necklace, just like the bracelet, is the row of shiny diamonds along the jewelry's length. You'll see tennis necklaces in both silver and gold variations, and while the diamonds are what stand out the most, the fine metal that surrounds them will also be visible. Think about what type of metal you favor. A lot of people have a preference when it comes to buying jewelry, so you can choose the necklace that best suits your sense of style.


You'll see tennis necklaces in several different lengths. Some are short enough that they sit just below the base of the neck, while others are longer and extend down toward the chest. Each type has its advantages. A shorter length can often have more of a subtle appearance, and will also be more affordable because it contains fewer diamonds. Longer necklaces can offer more of a flashy look and can work well if you like jewelry that is visible over your clothing. Don't hesitate to try on some tennis necklaces of different lengths to see what length suits you best.

Diamond Size

Another point to think about when you shop for a tennis necklace is how big you want the diamonds to be. As you browse several examples of this type of fine jewelry, so you'll see that the diamond size can vary from necklace to necklace. Larger diamonds cost more, but they also offer a higher amount of sparkle that can really make your necklace really stand out in certain bright environments. Smaller diamonds offer more of a dainty look, which may appeal to you if you have a slight figure with fine features. Keep these topics in mind as you shop for a tennis necklace at a local jewelry shop.