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Considerations For Buying Poppy Earrings

If you're the type of person who likes to wear themed earrings at different times of the year, you may own earrings that are suitable for Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions. If you're planning to attend a Veterans Day service in your community or you're a teacher who will be leading a Veterans Day presentation at your school, you may find that it's fitting to wear themed earrings. For this solemn November occasion, poppy earrings are an obvious choice. These earrings are available at many different jewelry stores, so you'll have a number of different designs to choose from. Here are some considerations for buying poppy earrings.


You'll notice a considerable discrepancy in how flashy poppy earrings can be. While there are many that are bright in color and have shiny metallic elements, others are more muted. You may find that the latter style is a better option for the solemn nature of the occasion. Conversely, given that many people wear poppy pins in November, you might like the idea of having poppy earrings that stand out. In this scenario, earrings that feature red synthetic gemstones may be a design that resonates with you. Think about your preference so that you can shop accordingly.


Poppy earrings come in several different styles, including studs and dangle earrings. Among these styles, there can be several different sizes, too. The style can sometimes impact how visible your earrings are. For example, if your hairstyle covers the majority of your ears, you might favor dangle earrings to ensure that the poppies are visible. Stud earrings, particularly if the poppies are very small, can be a good choice for someone who wishes to wear poppy jewelry but favors some degree of subtlety.


Another consideration as you shop is the topic of realism. You'll find a wide spectrum of designs when it comes to the realism of the poppies. Some of these earrings are designed to closely resemble actual poppies. Others have more of a cartoonish design. The latter may be a good choice if you're a teacher and you know that your students will be checking out your earrings. For someone who will be attending a formal Veterans Day service, poppy earrings that offer more realism may be preferable. Keep these topics in mind as you shop for poppy earrings in advance of Veterans Day, either at your local jewelry store or at an online shop.

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