Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Customized Wedding Ring Design Tips

Designing a custom-made wedding ring is an exciting undertaking. You will work with a skilled jewelry designer and select just the right metals and gemstones to create a family heirloom that will last for generations.

Even if you don't have an unlimited budget, having a customized wedding ring made is still very achievable. Heirloom-quality craftsmanship is both faster and less expensive today than it was in years past thanks to technological advances in software and 3D printing.

If you aren't sure where to start with the ring customization process, then here are some tips to help you out.

Tip: Try On a Bunch of Different Rings Before You Start the Custom-Design Process   

Not everyone's hands are the same shape. Because of the wide variety of hand shapes, a wedding ring can look fantastic in a shop window or online but not as wonderful once you put it on your finger.

To ensure the shapes and styles of rings you like will look good on your hand, do some in-person browsing before committing to buy or design a ring.

Try on as many rings as possible because, for example, even though you love that massive pear-shaped diamond solitaire online, you might find a cushion-cut diamond solitaire looks phenomenal on your hand and feels better.

Unless you shop around and try rings on you won't know what direction to go with your custom design.

Tip: Give Yourself and the Jewelry Designer Ample Time for the Creative Process

The creative process takes time and isn't something to be rushed. Additionally, you may decide you want to make a slight change down the road or maybe even create an entire bridal set! These things take time and trying to rush will just stress everyone out.

To better enjoy the customization process, give your wedding ring designer at least a few months to create the wedding ring of your dreams. 

Tip: Ask to Look at the Jewelry Designer's Design Book

Jewelers who make customized wedding rings keep a book of the designs they have completed for previous customers. Ask to see the designer's book and look carefully at their past work. 

It is important the style of the designs match the style of ring you want.

For example, if the designer's book is full of great Celtic-style rings and you are looking for a modern ring, then you might consider working with a designer specializing in the modern style.

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