Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Buy Stainless Steel Chain Necklaces to Use as Gifts

Whether you are buying one gift for a specific person or whether you are buying several gifts, think of shopping for stainless steel chain necklaces. Besides being versatile, they are also a very affordable gift. 

1. Start With Super Inexpensive Chain Necklaces

If you've seen ball chain necklaces worn by military men and women, you have probably also seen them worn with dog tags that have important information on them. Copy cat the military by purchasing the ball chains to use as necklace gifts.

  • Custom order dog tags that have a fun or inspiring message as part of the dog tag's design.
  • For example, if you're buying several ball chain necklaces for a Christian-based youth group, the dog tag could say something like, Follow His Footsteps
  • If you're buying the ball chain necklaces for a high school reunion, the dog tag might read, Great Memories.

​Maybe you aren't interested in adding a custom dog tag to the chain necklaces. Another idea is to put a regular metal washer on the chain. You could even enhance the washer with glued on pretty paper that has been cut out to fit the washer. Add a coat of polyurethane to make the decorated washer last longer. Or, go with a faux silver charm to add interest to the ball chain.

2. A More Expensive Stainless Steel Chain Necklace Gift

While more expensive than the ball chain necklaces, you can still more than likely find other types of stainless steel chain necklaces at a very affordable price. For instance, select a heavy chain that has a wheat pattern as the design. It will be attractive enough to wear without any enhancements. Another idea is to buy a rose gold-colored stainless steel necklace. Think of buying an extender so that the recipient can make the chain necklace longer. 

Maybe you want to give a stainless steel chain necklace set to somebody very special. If so, think of choosing a 1/8 " short necklace and a longer 1/2 " necklace so that they can be worn separately or together. Choose a complementary steel chain bracelet and earrings to complete the set. Half ball faux silver earrings are one idea of earrings that will go well with a stainless steel chain necklace or chandelier earrings. 

No matter what kind of chain necklace you select, double-check the closure to make sure that it's secure. Contact jewelers to learn more about finding gift options.