Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Tips To Save Money On Jewelry

Jewelry sometimes has a reputation of being pricey, but there are ways to find jewelry that fits just about any budget. Whether you're looking for a ring, set of earrings, necklace or something else, these tips can help you save money on jewelry.

Shop Around at Different Retailers

As is the case with almost any purchase, you'll likely save on jewelry if you shop around at different retail outlets. Check brick-and-mortar stores, online stores and auctions, as well as any other retailers that you can. The more you shop around, the more likely you are to find the perfect piece on sale.

Consider Secondhand Jewelry

As long as you don't mind having previously worn jewelry, you can save a lot by shopping for a piece at a place that sells secondhand jewelry. 

Check out estate sales, pawnshops and secondhand stores, and you'll find pieces that are priced substantially lower than what a comparable new piece costs. While the inventory at these places is more uncertain than at traditional retailers, one of the pieces in stock at any given moment might strike your fancy.

Stick with Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver

Jewelry pieces are made from many different precious metals today, but almost every metal that's used mimics the look of either yellow gold or sterling silver -- and these are cheaper than some alternatives.

If you want the allure of yellow gold, pick a jewelry piece that's made from gold. There are several grades of gold, and a lower grade -- such as 14 karat -- will save you money will still looking good.

If you prefer the look of silver, opt for sterling silver rather than platinum or white gold. Platinum and white gold are both more expensive, and they look quite similar. White gold, in particular, is virtually indistinguishable from sterling silver, because it's made by coating standard yellow gold with silver.

Check Out Alternative Gemstones

Instead of a traditional clear diamond, check out the many alternative gemstones. These can add style and personality to a piece, and many gems are more affordable than clear diamonds are.

Some common other gemstones include sapphires, rubies, emeralds and opals, all of which have very distinctive styles. Alternatively, you can look at colored diamonds. There are diamonds that naturally come in green, red, blue, yellow and almost every other color. These lend a traditional diamond's sparkle but in a uniquely distinct hue.

For further questions on how you might save money or for potential sales on a wanted piece, reach out to a professional jeweler like those at Staples Jewelry.