Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Answer These 4 Questions About Wedding Ring Sets Before Proposing

Most proposals come with a ring already purchased or taken from a family collection. Having the ring there when you ask someone to promise to commit their life to yours makes the moment truly magical and exciting. 

But before you pop the question, answer a few questions about the engagement ring and its future with any other wedding bands. Doing so will help you find the right jewelry for a lifetime of use. 

1. Will Your Spouse Wear Multiple Rings?

When you purchase or select an engagement ring, do you need to consider how it will fit together with other wedding rings later on? If your fiance loves jewelry, they are more likely to wear both an engagement ring and wedding band. You may even later add an eternity ring, too. But if they have certain types of job or a tendency to minimize jewelry, you may not need to consider the fit with other rings. 

2. Can the Ring be Part of a Set?

If your spouse is likely to wear both rings together consistently, the best fit will come from a matched set. If you can purchase an engagement ring that has a properly fit matched band, the fit will be the most comfortable and look the most complete or harmonious.

3. Will All the Rings Sit Together Well?

If the engagement ring isn't in a set, such as with heirloom rings, how well will it fit with standard band choices? Vintage rings may not sit neatly with modern rings due to changes in style or metalwork, and that lack of matching could cause pinching or sliding rings over time. Test out your intended ring with a few bands at the jewelry shop before deciding. 

4. How Fancy Should the Ring Be?

For many couples, the engagement ring is the 'bling' of the wedding ring set. But if he or she will want an impressive wedding band as well — perhaps something with diamonds or its own standout gems — think about how both will look together. A small engagement stone in an heirloom ring may necessitate a smaller wedding band in order to look complementary. And a large and ornate engagement ring might be enhanced by the framing of a simpler wedding band. A more conservative engagement ring, though, could leave room for a knockout band. 

If you consider these questions about your engagement ring's future, you're sure to pick out a great one. And then, the symbol of your love will be just as perfect as your actual love.