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Your Options for Purchasing a Memorial Keepsake

As long as people have walked the earth they have always searched for ways to memorialize their friends and loved ones who have passed away. Today, many people choose to memorialize their deceased friends and relatives with a memorial keepsake. These keepsakes range from small jewelry pieces to large cremation urns or statues.

If one of your loved ones passed away or if you are looking for an appropriate gift for someone who recently lost someone close to them, then you have many different options for cremation keepsakes to choose from. Listed below are some of the most popular:

Traditional Urns or Ash Containers

When you think of an urn, you likely think of a large cylindrical container used to contain all of someone's cremated ashes. However, urns range in size from small containers designed to contain just a small amount of someone's ashes to large traditional urns made to contain all of them.

Urns come in a wide variety of different shapes from the traditional rounded shape to boxes, hearts, and even large statues and are made in all colors of the rainbow. In addition to their size, shape, and color, there are also cremation urns and other memorial ash containers made of wood, metal, and ceramic. 

Once you decide on an urn, then you can always opt to have it personalized. Some people choose to personalize the urn with the name and birth/death dates of the deceased while others choose to personalize their urns with a bible verse, quote, or other saying that accurately represents the deceased. To take the personalization one step farther, you can even have an urn personalized with a photo of your friend or loved one. 

Memorial Jewelry

It is important memorial jewelry matches the style of the person who will be wearing it. However, it's also nice to choose a piece that says something about the person who is being memorialized. Memorial pieces meant to contain ashes are available as are pieces simply meant to memorialize someone.

If you want to purchase a piece of memorial jewelry to place ashes into and want jewelry that's understated or going to be worn by a man, then a simple silver or stainless steel heart, cylinder, or bullet necklace for ashes make nice options. 

If the jewelry's wearer has a lot of style and loves to wear pieces that make a statement and have a high bling factor, then there are also options with semi-precious gemstones, tooled gold designs, and other designer touches.