Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Tips For Buying Just The Right Engagement Ring For Your Future Spouse

If you are planning to ask your partner to marry you in the near future, then you need an amazing engagement ring. Since this is perhaps the most important jewelry purchase of your life, it is important to get it right the first time! To this end, here are some tips to help you shop for a ring that will both symbolize your love and thrill your future spouse.

Tip: Set a Reasonable Budget and Stick to It

While you may not put a price on your love, most people who aren't independently wealthy need to set a reasonable budget for their engagement ring purchase. And, it's very important you set your budget amount before you ever start to shop. If you don't, then you are vulnerable to getting caught up in the moment and vastly overspending. 

Tip: Consider Alternatives to Solitaire Diamonds

Not all people getting engaged like the look or the high price of solitaire diamond engagement rings. If your future spouse isn't someone who is obsessed with a big diamond engagement ring, then you should consider alternatives.

For example, there are many beautiful engagement rings on the market that have other stones, such as pink topaz or deep red garnets. By choosing a ring that isn't made to show off a big and expensive diamond, you can lower your budget and buy a more unique engagement ring at the same time.

Tip: Consider a Band Made of Wood or Another Alternative Material

If your lover isn't a person you can see wearing a gold engagement ring, then consider alternatives made of wood, stone, or unusual metals such as titanium. While these rings are typically less expensive, they are also unique and work well for engagements where the parties involved don't typically wear gold or silver jewelry items or are allergic to metals.

Tip: If You Aren't Sure About the Desired Ring Style, Then Choose a "Placeholder Ring"

Finally, if you have no idea what style of ring your future spouse wants to wear or if they are someone who is impossible to shop for, then you should opt for a "placeholder ring." These rings are made of wood or metal and have the words "this isn't your actual engagement ring" engraved on them. The idea is to use this ring for the proposal, and then your fiance can choose their own ring at the jewelry store post-engagement.

For more information on engagement or anniversary rings, contact your local jeweler.