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When A Diamond Is Out Of Your Price Range: 4 Gifts At The Jewlery Store

If you are in the mood to get a piece of jewelry as a gift for someone close to you, but you don't have quite the budget for diamonds, then you should take a look at some of the other fun items that you can select. There are lots of ideas to choose from. You have a lot of leeway with what you can get and it's not limited to very expensive items that will hurt your wallet. There are plenty of items that you can select that will make your loved one really grateful and wow them when you present it. Here are some things to look for at a jewelry store. 

Gold Earrings

You can find some really beautiful gold earrings that are both impressive as well as inexpensive. You have a lot of room to work with here. There are small, subtle stud earrings, as well as extravagant hoop earrings. You can find everything from bar stud earrings, to shapes with lapidary designs. There are endless variations and you can find them in 14k gold and it won't cost you a tremendous amount of money.

Silver Necklace

Another cool idea to consider are silver necklaces. These can be chokers, or teardrop necklaces, or a simple silver necklace with a teardrop design pendant. The great thing about a necklace is that it can be as subtle or as decorative as you want. A simple silver necklace without a pendant, or a Y necklace, or even one with a pendant design.  The options are endless. There are also braided silver necklaces that you can find. These will be thicker than a normal necklace and are great if you want something substantial without a pendant.

Birthstone Pendants

If you want something really personal and you like the idea of a decorative stone. One fun idea is to get the person a pendant of their birthstone. You can even pair it with a silver necklace to be more unique. And you have choices that are not extravagant in cost, even with April, which has Diamond as a birthstone, you have the option of using crystal. A nice polished crystal in a beautiful silver necklace would be a great gift for someone whose birthday is in April. Other beautiful birthstones such as tourmaline and garnet look wonderful set into a pendant and affixed to a necklace.

A Vintage Brooch

If the person who you are getting the gift for is into vintage clothing, you might want to get them a vintage brooch. These are beautiful and you can find them in an array of designs, from floral to Victorian style cameos.