Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Fill Your Jewelry Drawer With Earrings To Match Every Occasion

If you love jewelry, then you should own several types of earrings. It's possible to wear earrings when other types of jewelry may get in the way or be unsafe. Earrings allow you to show off your personal style or add a touch of luxury to your appearance. While you'll want several types of earrings, you don't have to spend a fortune if you keep an eye out for sales and bargains to you can get them at a discount. Here are some types of earrings you'll want to have.

Basic Studs

Stud earrings are simple designs attached to a stud. These can be small diamonds or stones that are perfect for any occasion. You can wear these to work or on formal outings because they add a touch of classic glamour without being distracting. Since they hug your ear, they are safe to wear and won't get caught in your hair or clothing.

Clip-On Earrings

Earrings that clip on are versatile. You can wear them if you have pierced ears or not. You'll often find many styles and sizes of clip-on earrings. These are ideal if you have allergies that make it difficult to wear pierced earrings often. Clip-on earrings are often less expensive too so you can afford to buy several pairs and not worry if you happen to lose one.

Huggy Earrings And Cuffs

Huggy earrings are popular when you want a hoop earring that doesn't dangle. These are hoops made from various types of metal that are small so the hoop hugs your ear. You can buy these as pierced earrings or as hoops that you push on your earlobe. You may want to wear multiple pairs of these at once and have a row of huggies that loop around your ear. Ear cuffs are similar to huggies except cuffs are often made with designs rather than hoops. You might have cuffs made from stones or diamonds. These can be positioned anywhere along your ear that you can push the cuff on so it is stable. These are often worn in rows as well and can be quite dramatic when they have a glitzy design.


When you're looking for variety and a way to make a fashion statement, then dangles are the answer. These earrings are made from stones or beads and they hang from your ears. They come in a nearly endless variety and they are perfect for formal occasions and for wearing to clubs. Unlike studs or huggies that can go with any outfit including formal attire, you may want to buy a pair of dangles to match one specific outfit. That's one reason shopping for discount earrings has such advantages, you can buy pairs that perfectly complement individual outfits or gowns.

These are only a few of the options in earrings that you'll want to explore. Earrings are fun to wear and they help you express your mood. Whether you want to look glamorous, sophisticated, or artsy, you can find a perfect pair of discount jewelry earrings to match your intent.