Shopping for an Engagement Ring

The Most Highly Sought After Jewelry Items Pawn Shops DO Want

If you want to gather up some jewelry-related things to take to the local pawn shop and pocket some extra cash, you need to be careful. Sometimes you'll find out that the shop is not accepting what you have to offer. It is a common misconception that pawn shops will take anything on pawn that has any value, but that is not the case. These businesses want items that hold their value well enough that if need be, and you don't return to pick up your item, they can sell the item and make a profit. Here's a look at the most desirable jewelry items that pawn shops in your area will probably pay you for. 

Valuable Watches 

Valuable watches are usually big-ticket items in pawn shops because they are in high demand among collectors. There are a few things that will make a watch more valuable in the eyes of a pawnbroker, including:

  • The watch is made by a maker who is no longer in business or a legacy brand known for high-end designs
  • The watch is rare or was only in production for a short time frame
  • The watch is made of fine materials, such as gold and diamonds

Precious Gemstone Rings

It is not at all uncommon for the average consumer to stop in at a pawn shop to pick up a beautiful diamond engagement ring or other rings with a precious gemstone instead of going to a jewelry store. Pawn shops tend to sell these items much cheaper than jewelry stores, but there is still a lot of room for them to make a profit if they get a nice ring from you at a good price. Because of this, you will be less likely to be turned away if you have a precious gemstone ring that you want to pawn. 

Antique Jewelry Pieces

Brooches and pins, necklaces, and even charms hold a lot of value as antiques if they meet certain criteria. For example, a brooch made by a once-popular jewelry designer is likely to be a prized item at a pawn shop. Even small charms and pins can be highly valuable if they are made by known artisans of the past. There are many people interested in collecting antique jewelry pieces because of their uniqueness and value. Therefore, these items have a good resale rate and won't be left lingering around in the jewelry case taking up space for a long time if you don't pick up your item. 

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